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Celebrating 12 years of success in the Australian All Star dance industry after 20 years of studio dance, Brittany is passionate about assisting the growth of All Star dance in Australia. Her mission is to promote and nurture community and inclusion within the industry, as seen in her current project, Team Australia Hip Hop 2023, which has brought together dancers from all around the country.

Her creative work is highly awarded, leading her to become one of Australia's most in-demand coaches and choreographers.

Brittany grew up as a child actor with her most notable performance being Disney's H2O: Just Add Water. Her extensive experience in the film and TV industry continues to influence her performance coaching, and makes her a popular guest coach for fans of her work.

Dance Judge
Choreographer and Coach

Head Judge, Head of Judge Training and Education

Dance and Cheer Events

Head Coach, Choreographer.

Team Australia Hip Hop | ICU Worlds 2023


Head Judge, Panel Judge

Team Australia Hip Hop Double | ICU Worlds 2023

Head Coach, Choreographer.

Panel Judge

Aussie Gold Cheer and Dance

Team Australia Dance 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015

Coach, Choreographer.

The Dance Worlds | 2017

Hip Hop Panel Judge

  • Team Jazz (Bronze Medal) | 2013

  • Hip Hop Double (Silver Medal) | 2011

Hip Hop Panel Judge

The Dance Worlds 2016

Bradshaw Dance and Cheer - Bradshaw Elite

Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop Coach and Choreographer

Head Dance Judge

CCA Nanjing, China | 2016

  • IASF Virtual Worlds Hip Hop (Gold Medal) Jazz (Bronze Medal) | 2021

  • Australian Representative Teams: Global Games, Hawaii | 2016

  • Australian Representative Teams: CCA China, Nanjing | 2015

  • Australia's premier Worlds team with most World bids and Medals (9) accumulated

  • National and International Champions 2011-Present

Guest Choreography and Coaching

Brittany guest coaches and provides choreography for more than 50 teams across Australia with her company Uplift Choreography. She offers routine choreography, verbal feedback, performance coaching, routine upgrades, technique and skills masterclasses, and more.

More info:

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Uplift Choreography
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